Getting started

Moving your first steps into the plugin configuration

Plugin requirements

  • PHP version 5.6 or greater (recommended 7 or greater)
  • WordPress 5.3 or greater
Compatibility with the latest WordPress version is always ensured.

Step 1: Creating services

A Service is something you want your customers to book. You can create any number of services.
To create a new service go to the Services section and click on the New service button.
Provide a name for the service and click on Create service.
To fully configure the service, for example the reservation form and the duration, explore all the available settings in the Service configuration section.
When creating a service just provide its name

Step 2: Providing availability

TheBooking has three ways to define available time slots for your services, whichever you choose it's up to you. Here is a quick overview of those.

1. Global availability

This availability plan is observed by all the services, unless they are individually configured otherwise.
Within the plugin backend, go into the Availability tab.
Define the weekly schedule of available hours and closing days. You can also create one or more locations to assign to your services.
The global availability planner

2. Specific service availability

In case you want a specific service to have its own individual availability plan, open the settings panel of the desired service.
Under the Duration and availability tab, turn on the Override availability schedule option.
This way, you can specify the availability plan that will be observed by the service, instead of the global availability plan.

3. Google Calendar availability

In addition to (or in place of) the previous availability sources, you can use your Google Calendar to define availability timeslots directly from it.
This is handy especially if you change the availability schedule frequently, or need extreme flexibility.

Step 3: The booking widget

Use the following shortcode to show the plugin calendar in a page or post:
The frontend booking widget
Are you using a page builder such as Elementor or the WordPress Block Editor? Then don't bother with shortcodes, use builder-specific page elements instead!