Google Calendar

The most advanced Google Calendar integration out there.

The 3-way sync

TheBooking integrates with Google Calendar in a sleek and advanced way that we like to refer to as 3-way sync to highlight a distinction with the commonly implemented 2-way sync.
This unique integration consists of three main features - you can use all of them together or just some, as you like:
  • Block availability when you are busy. The booking widget in your website won't allow to book time slots that overlap with busy times in your Google Calendar.
  • Create reservations in your Google Calendar. Every time a reservation is made, the plugin creates an event in your Google Calendar with the reservation details.
  • Provide availability through your Google Calendar. Create events in your Google Calendar that will be read as available times by the plugin.
In order to activate the Google Calendar integration you need to create a Google API project first.

Authorize the plugin to operate with your Google Account

Requires a Client ID, Client Secret and Application Name of a Google API Project.
Go in Settings > Google Calendar, provide the Client ID, Client Secret and Application Name, then Save.
You should now see a Connect your Google Account button.
Click the button - if you are not logged into your Google Account, you will be asked to login. A consent screen will inform you that your Google Account is going to grant the authorization to the plugin in order to have access to your Google Calendars.
Continue until you are redirected back to the plugin page.
During the consent process Google might warn you that the App isn't verified. Just skip this advice by clicking on Advanced (at the lower-right corner) and continue.
At this point you are ready to activate any feature of the 3-way sync.