Create reservation events

Each time a reservation is made, the plugin creates a new event in your Google Calendar with reservation details.
Go in Settings > Google Calendar.
If not already selected, select the linked Google Calendar - this is the calendar in which the reservation events are created.
Activate the Add reservations to the calendar switch to create an event in your Google Calendar when a new reservation is made.

What happens to the Google Calendar event if the reservation status is modified

The When to delete Google Calendar reservation events setting allows you to select the reservation statuses for which you want the event in Google Calendar to be deleted. If the event is preserved, the new reservation status is appended to the event summary.
If you write down additional data to the Google Calendar reservation events keep in mind that data will be lost if the event is set to be deleted.

What happens to the Google Calendar event if the reservation is rescheduled

The Google Calendar event, if still present, will be moved to the new date and time.
Please note that the opposite is not true: moving a reservation event in Google Calendar won't trigger a reschedule of the actual reservation record.