How to create a Google API Project

In order to gain access to a Google Calendar and operate with its data, TheBooking needs to be connected to the Google APIs. To make such connection, a Google Project has to be created. Let's see how.
You DO NOT NEED to activate the Google Cloud trial, nor any other paid storage option!
Google often changes the console aspect. If you find those guide not being updated to the current state, just drop a message to our support.
Log into your Google Account.
Go to the Google API Console (the link should open the page in a new tab). If a Google Cloud free trial banner appears on top, just dismiss it. Note that Create a project should appear in the dropdown. Click Continue.
The Google Calendar API are enabled. Click Go to credentials.
The Console will ask you three questions.
  • "Which API are you using?" should be already set to "Google Calendar API".
  • "Where will you be calling the API from?" select "Web server".
  • "What data will you be accessing?" select "User data".
Then click What credentials do I need?.
By clicking the Set up consent screen button, the browser will open a new tab (we'll go back to the previous tab later, so don't close it).
In the new tab, select External and then click Create.
Choose an App name (it can be anything, just take note of it as you have to provide it in TheBooking later).
Select the User support email from the dropdown.
Scroll down the page and click on Add domain to add the main domain of your website. For instance, if your website is "" you need to write "".
Under "Developer contact information" write an email address (it can be the same as the "User support email" one).
Then click Save and continue.
On the next step ("Scopes"), do nothing. Just hit Save and continue.
On the next step ("Test users"), do nothing as well. Just hit Save and continue.
Now it's time to go back to the previous browser tab.
Insert the Authorized Redirect URI and the Authorized Javascript origins.
Where can you find both? Just open another browser tab and go to the WordPress admin dashboard of your website. Go to TheBooking => Settings => Google Calendar tab and copy the URIs from there. Ensure you are pasting them in the correct destination fields.
Finally, hit the Refresh button.
After few seconds the button becomes Create oAuth client ID. Click on it.
Take note of the Client ID. Then hit Done.
Click on the pencil icon as shown in picture.
Take note of the Client secret.
Now the final step. Go to oAuth consent screen and click on Publish app.
The Google Project is now successfully created and configured. If the above steps were done correctly, you should have the following 3 pieces of configuration:
  1. 1.
    App name
  2. 2.
    Client ID
  3. 3.
    Client Secret