Zoom API integration

How to activate Zoom integration

TheBooking integrates with Zoom so you can offer virtual meetings, conferences, sessions and so on.
To activate Zoom integration you just need to provide an API Key and an API Secret in Settings > Zoom meetings.
When the integration is active, the system will automatically create a Zoom meeting after a reservation for a Service that is configured to be virtual. A service can be configured as virtual under Service > Virtual meeting.

How to get Zoom API keys

Those are the steps to obtain API Key and API Secret from your Zoom account:
  1. 2.
    Log in using your Zoom account
  2. 3.
    Select Build App from the Develop dropdown menu
  3. 4.
    Then you need to choose the JWT option for server-to-server integration
  4. 5.
    Once you fill out some basic information you will be taken to the App Credentials page which will give you your API key and API secret