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Likely, you would like to send a confirmation email to your customers when they book a service.
TheBooking provides a complete stack of notifications that can be activated and customized for each service:
  • User confirmation email User will receive this message right after the booking process.
  • Admin notification email Administrator will receive this message right after the booking process.
  • User cancellation email User will receive this message when a booking is cancelled.
  • User reschedule email User will receive this message when a booking is rescheduled.
  • Reminder email User will receive this message at a configured time interval before the date of the reservation.
Administrator email address is taken from WordPress general settings panel.

Customize the notification content

When activating a notification, an email subject field and email content editor will appear.
Inside the content editor you can define the content of your notification. Feel free to use HTML to create the desired notification email.

Using placeholders for dynamic data

Both in the subject and in the content, you can use special placeholders that the plugin will automatically convert to the relevant data before sending the notification.
Those placeholders can be inserted using the placeholders icon in the editor menu, as shown in picture.
There are three main groups of placeholders:


Data inherent to the service, such as service name, description, and so on.


Data inherent to the reservation record, such as start date and time, duration and so on.


Any reservation form field for which a dynamic content hook is assigned. Those placeholders are replaced with whatever value the customer provides in the reservation form.
Go into the service form editor to assign placeholders.

Reservation status placeholder

Insert the following placeholder into any notification content (replace YOUR TEXT with the desired text for the link, for example click here to see the status of the reservation):
[status_link]YOUR TEXT[/status_link]
By clicking on it, the customer is redirected to the reservation status page in which they can see all their reservations.
Ensure that a reservation status page is properly set, or the link won't work.