Reservation form

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When a service is created, its reservation form by default contains the Name, Email and Phone fields, that are the information asked to the customer during the reservation process.
The booking form is fully configurable.
The form builder

How to add a new field

Click on any label to the right of the form builder to add the corresponding form field.
At the moment, those fields are available:
  • Text field
  • Checkbox
  • Number field
  • Options (dropdown)
  • File upload
  • Paragraph (informative text, no input)

How to add a validation rule to a text field

If you need to add a validation rule to a given form text field, you can do that by expanding the properties of the form field (clicking on the plus icon to the right) and then expanding the Validation section.
A validation rule is a Regex expression. Under the Regex field you can find some buttons to add the most common Regex validation expressions. If you want to use a custom Regex expression, just write it in the field.
If a regex expression is provided, the reservation form will display an error below the field, if the data provided by customer doesn't pass the Regex validation. Please note that if the field is not required, an empty value will always pass the validation.

How to add a conditional rule

You can add a conditional rule to a form field to control dynamic behaviour of the field. For instance if you want the field to be shown only when another field assumes a certain value.
In order to set a conditional rule, the booking form must contain at least one field which is capable of driving conditional behaviour. Those fields are:
  • Options (dropdown)
  • Checkbox
  • Number field
So any other field may depend on their values. Inside the Conditional section of the form field settings you can set the status of the field (Visible, Hidden, Required, Not required), the control field (one of the above) and the value which triggers the status.
When a field has a conditional rule, the header shows the field on which the current one is dependant

How to hide a field from registered users

To hide a form field from a registered user (read: to made it available only to guest users) just turn on the setting inside the Advanced section of the form field settings panel.

How to deactivate a form field

There are certain situations in which you may want to deactivate one or more form fields, for example in case you don't need the built-in Phone field, or in case you need to temporary turn off a field.
The active state of a form field is controlled by the switch in the form field header.
This switch controls the activation state of the field
The Email field can't be deactivated.