Maps settings

TheBooking has a pretty nice integration with Google Maps that you can use to show the location of your services.

Google Maps API key

To unleash the power of Google Maps integration, you need a Google Maps API key (mandatory in order to use Google Maps since 22nd of June, 2016).
If you have a Google Maps API key already (perhaps in your WordPress theme settings?) just put it here and hit save.
Don't you have a Google Maps API key already? Just keep reading...

Obtaining a Google Maps API key

Go to the Google API console and open it.
Click on Credentials and then Create cedentials. Finally, choose API key.
Click on Browser key.
Choose a name for the key (e.g. My Maps Key) in the first field, and insert the referrer in the second field. So if your site domain is you should insert ** then press Create.
Copy the key somewhere and press OK.
Well, this doesn't look like a real API key, does it?
Go to Overview and click on Google Maps JavaScript API.
Hit Enable.
Repeat the last step for the Google Maps Geocoding API and Google Places API Web Service too.
If you need the address autocomplete and the real-time directions features, repeat the last step for the Google Maps Directions API also.

Load Google Maps library

Deactivate this option only if you know what you're doing.
If you have issues caused by double loading the Google Maps JS library by your theme or by another plugin, you can deactivate the internal plugin library loading.
If this option is turned off, any Google Maps issue inside the reservation form will be responsibility of the third-party theme/plugin which actually calls the Maps library.