What is TheBooking
TheBooking is a booking plugin for WordPress with a clean and modern user interface.
Main features includes:
    Global and per-service availability: configure the availability of your services independently from each other.
    Booking time frame: define (if needed) both reservation opening and closing time independently for any of your services
    Locations: Each service can have one or more locations that customer will be able to select during the booking process.
    Google Maps is also supported.
    Rescheduling: change the date of a reservation, the plugin will take care of the rest.
    Google Calendar 2-ways and 3-ways sync: create reservation events in your Google Calendar, block the available timeslots when you are busy, provide availability through Google Calendar.
    Zoom and Google Meet integration: offer virtual meetings to your customers.
    Custom reservation form: add your desired fields in the reservation form to collect the data you need (even files!)
    Conditional fields: fields can be configured to show/hide or being required in consequence of values of other fields.
    Validation: apply the desired validation rule to any text field, if needed.
    Dynamic email content: use placeholders to put dynamic data inside notification templates, such as service details, reservation details and customer’s data
    Advanced email content editor: create amazing HTML email content thanks to the clarity and power of TinyMCE editor
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